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Xtreme Download Manager 7.2

Manage and accelerate your downloads as well as convert between formats
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Xtreme Download Manager can be a great companion if you frequently grab contents from the Internet. The tool has a very modern interface, which resembles that of an Android APK. In other respects, it is used very similarly to other software of the same kind; so, if you are already familiar with any of them, you will probably have no difficulty to use this one right away.

As to task management, the program is able to arrange downloads according to file types and their completion. It also uses smart dynamic file segmentation technology to accelerate downloads. The manager is said to speed up downloads up to 5 times. Moreover, it lets you pause a job and resume it at another time.

As most other downloaders, Xtreme Download Manager supports processing batches of transfers simultaneously. In this respect, new jobs can be created using the Add URL button, which captures the link from the clipboard. Besides, the program is integrated with various browsers to monitor downloadable contents. Similarly, the tool can extract the real URL of a video by simply providing the address of the containing page. Luckily, multiple popular video-sharing websites are supported. However, one thing that I find very convenient and is not always available from other similar tools is the possibility of creating a batch download list using wildcards.

Since the movies you download may not be readily playable on the intended device, it is great that this tool comes with a built-in converter. It is a pity, however, that, except for modifying sound volume, the tool does not allow any kind of editing operations. Likewise, it is shame that you cannot configure conversions to start automatically after downloading the file.

The program is highly configurable. For example, you can connect through a proxy server or enter website credentials when they are needed. Similarly, you can have your downloads analyzed by your favorite antivirus software. What is more, you can set speed limits to prevent the program from interfering with your browsing or schedule downloads to start a given time.

To conclude, Xtreme Download Manager has many features in common with other programs of its kind. As said above, one of its main assets is that you can create a download list using a name pattern. Therefore, it is product I recommend you to try; after all, there is nothing to lose as it is absolutely free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Download acceleration
  • Browser integration
  • Media format conversion
  • Pause-and-resume support
  • Batch downloading
  • Video URL stripping
  • Supports scheduling downloads
  • Cross-platform


  • No automatic conversion after downloading
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